Looking for a second-hand car can be nerve wracking if you’re not clued up about cars. When looking for used cars New Jersey residents have plenty of choice and don’t have to look far before finding a range of a quality options. However, if you’re not sure where to start then this guide offers some top tips to keep in mind when looking for your next used car.

1. Consider your Budget
Exploring the used cars New Jersey has to offer can be great fun but you need to be realistic. Set your budget before you begin looking and if you’re considering credit, be sure you have the credentials necessary to get the finance you need. When setting your budget remember to factor in insurance costs, the upfront deposit and whether there are any servicing fees. Remember you may also be able to cash in on your old vehicle which can cut the cost of your new car too.

2. Get a Feel for the Market
Before heading out to any car show room make sure you research the market online. Get a feel for the types of cars available in your budget and look more specifically at individual brands if you are hoping for a specific vehicle. Even a little understanding can go a long way when you start looking at cars in person.

3. Know your Needs
Once you’ve set your budget you can set your non-negotiable points in term of vehicle requirements. If you need seven seats for your family then this is one point that cannot change and therefore you should only look at vehicles of this size. Similarly, you may particularly want built-in Bluetooth or other technological features, but they may be less non-negotiable and more desirable, but worth keeping in mind when you begin visiting showrooms and lots. With these points you are now ready to go and look at the cars you’re interested in.

4. Always Test Drive
Test driving can be nerve wracking, especially if you’ve been used to your old car but it is absolutely essential. When on the test drive you can get a feel for the car and ask yourself the following questions:
• Is the car warm and dry? Look out for condensation or damp patches and feel for any drafts.
• Is the car driving smoothly, without strange noises? All cars sound different, but any odd noises should be questioned.
• Are the brakes fully functional? As soon as you brake the car should stop without skidding.
• Is the steering smooth and responsive? When locked the steering shouldn’t move too freely and you shouldn’t experience any vibration or sticking.
• Do the gears move smoothly? Gears crunching is a big warning sign that this isn’t a car you want to be buying. 
When you get into the car you’ll probably have a gut feeling and while this isn’t everything, it is important to keep it in mind. 

5. Check Paperwork and Spares Thoroughly
Once you believe you’ve found the right car, it’s time to check over the paperwork and spares. Look closely at all paperwork to be sure everything adds up and if your car should have any spare parts, including tyres, then make sure you see them and check their quality.

When looking for used cars New Jersey residents need to keep their wits about them but there are reputable dealerships and enthusiastic salespeople ready to help you find your next used car. Contact us at Preferred Auto Sales & Service to explore the cars in our range.

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