When it’s time to buy a new car, there are a number of options open to you. New Jersey residents have access to a huge range of new and used cars from private and trade sellers, so how do you choose the best option for your needs? Finding a car for sale in New Jersey is easy, but the right car may be a little more difficult to find. If you opt to visit a dealership then you’re opening up a wide range of options, giving you more choice when it comes to picking the right car for your needs.

Here we’re looking at why you should use a dealership when looking for a car for sale in New Jersey.

Competitive Pricing
A good dealership will know the market value of the cars it has to sell and ensure that you are offered a competitive price. You may even be able to part exchange your own vehicle, further adding to the cost effectiveness of the purchase. 

Dealer Expertise
Going to a dealership means you’ll be discussing your needs with experts and professionals. A private seller is unlikely to have a great deal of vehicle knowledge, whereas at a dealership, you’d hope they would. Dealers will ensure their cars are fully technically inspected and they’ll know the pros and cons of each vehicle, allowing them to advise the best options for your need if you do not have an individual car in mind.

Finance Optional
Most dealerships give you the added benefit of a finance option should you not have the full cash to hand to buy your chosen car. You may be able to arrange a separate finance agreement but arranging used car finance with the dealership is quicker, easier and you may even get a better rate. You also have the added bonus of the dealer to help you organize the paperwork and go through the terms at a pace which suits you. Online finance applications are fine, but you can end up agreeing to something you cannot afford because you can’t ask questions. In person you can easily ask any questions and get the answers you need.

Wider Car Selection
A private car for sale in New Jersey is just that, one individual car which the owner wants to sell on. At a dealership you have access to a whole selection of cars at different budgets. You can explore what’s available and may be able to find a better vehicle in your price range than you knew you could afford. At a dealership you can give yourself time to explore everything available and maybe even open your mind to different cars you may never have considered before.

Less Risk
Although buying from a private seller can be perfectly fine, it doesn’t come with the protection of going to a reputable dealer. Unless you know the person, you’re buying a car from in a private deal there is a degree of risk whereas a dealer has a business to protect. A good dealership will care about their reputation and only sell good cars at good prices.
When looking for your next car for sale in New Jersey, head to your local dealership. Preferred Auto Sales and Services offers a huge range of used cars in Elizabeth, NJ, so visit us today.