An automobile can be one of your largest expenses. But if you buy a certified pre-owned car, you can cut down on cost substantially without compromising quality. Preferred Auto Sales Pre-Owned Superstore of Elizabeth, NJ, supplies drivers in the Tri-State area with a huge assortment of pre-owned cars and trucks at amazing prices. Their lot is evidence that you don’t need to buy new to get a quality ride. Plus, there are some advantages to buying pre-owned cars and trucks over new ones.

Here are five reasons to buy a pre-owned car or truck at Preferred Auto:image

  • Wide Variety: Buying a new vehicle limits your choices. At Preferred Auto Sales Pre-Owned Superstore, you can take your pick from a huge array of used cars and trucks of different years, makes, and models. 
  • Vehicle Protection  Plan: from GWC Warranty, it’s GWC offers drivers like you a “No Worries, Just Drive” experience by giving you the confidence, freedom and reliability you need when making your vehicle purchase.
  • Easy Financing: At Preferred Auto, they think having bad credit or no credit shouldn’t disqualify you from buying a beautiful and reliable pre-owned car or truck. No matter your situation, they have financing options available.
  • Shop Online: Preferred Auto Sales Pre- owned Superstore makes it easy for customers to complete over 90% of their transaction online. You can see vehicles  with 360º “spins”  inside and outside. Making it easy and hassle free. Get Pre- Approved online with their easy online Credit Application. all is left is for you to do is receive vehicle delivered to your door or pick up your car at our location in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
  • Less Depreciation: Depending on the model, new cars that have been driven off the lot can immediately lose up to 40% in value without any damage! Used cars don’t depreciate so easily, which is great if you plan on selling it off at some point.

If you’re in the market for a pre-owned car or truck, head over to Preferred Auto Sales Pre-Owned Superstore of Elizabeth, NJ. Visit their Facebook page or website to see their selection of pre-owned vehicles. Call them at (908) 214-7897 if you have any questions.